A New Era of 3D Treatment Planning Using Bellus3D Face Scanning


Announcing a Digital Breakthrough in 3D Dentistry

Bellus3D is a face scanning application which allows its users to capture 3D images of the patient’s face, which is then easily integrated with the CBCT scan and intra-oral impression scans. Bellus3D is a powerful tool in patient communication by providing an interactive and scaled ‘clinical map’ to demonstrate treatment.

The Story Behind Bellus3D

The dental industry has adopted three-dimensional diagnosis and treatment planning mainly for implant and orthodontic surgery, and smile design. Based on an evaluation of a patient’s anatomy, 3D imagery provides a more detailed and accurate model as opposed to traditional 2D imagery. 3D imaging utilizes this anatomical data to expand clinical practice by providing a true skeletal / dental relationship which assists in making more informed clinical decisions. The founders of Bellus3D realized the value in creating an application that captures an accurate 3D face image which auto-aligns multiple scans and eliminates the need for manual alignment, while generating a 3D workspace that is easily sharable.

What Problems Does the Product Solve?

The software uses several skeletal midlines, the apex of the nose, and facial features to automatically align multiple 3D scans. Having an auto-alignment feature speeds up the digital workflow process while reducing the risk of human error. Being able to adjust opacities and navigate freely through the various layers of soft and hard tissue provides a strong diagnostic and treatment planning tool for dentists and surgeons.

What are its Best Features?

Easily compatible with iPhone X, iPad Pro, and Microsoft Windows; the Bellus3D application allows its user to easily create an in-house studio suitable for dental photography. Together with accessories that allow for even face-illumination, Bellus3D creates an impressive 3D image of photographic detail and clinical usability. In dental cases where simulation is needed through the help of a digital design software such as Dolphin or Exocad, Bellus3D provides a remarkable benefit of applying simulation into the face scan allowing a digital ‘before-and-after’ shot.

This newly designed software is continually improved for dental use and is highly recommended for dentists who like to go the extra mile for providing their patients with a visually dynamic treatment plan. Get ready to take your treatment planning to the next level!